Amendment to GOA, Daman and Diu Shops and Establishments Act, 1973

GOVERNMENT OF GOA, Goa Legislature Secretariat has released a notification on amendment to the Goa, Daman and Diu Shops and Establishments Act, 1973. The amendment has brought to Sub-Section 2 of the act and it is made mandatory for the labour inspectors to act and respond within seven (7) working days to the organizations who have made an application for registration of their shops & commercial establishments. The said amendment of 7 days restriction is also extended for request of any amendments and renewals of the Shops & Establishment Registration Certificates.

Interesting part is the amendment to sub-section 4. If the Inspector fails to respond to the registration/renewal/amendment application within the period 7 working days, such registration certificate shall be deemed to have been approved/renewed immediately on expiry of 7th day and an electronic certificate of renewal/amended shall be auto generated. This is a revolutionary change brought to the act and shall bring speed to the process of obtaining Shops & Establishment registration.  

Application for the renewal of Shops & Establishment Registration should be made before thirty (30) days. Any application made beyond such period shall attract penalty of 25% of the fees payable.

Further, sub section 17 has been amended. Women employees should not work beyond 07:00pm or before 06:00am. i.e. women employees are restricted from working in night shift. However, the organizations can obtain permission from the authorised officer for the women employee concern to work in night shift. It will be the organization’s responsibility to provide adequate protection of women’s dignity, honour, safety, and the facility of transportation from the shop or establishment to the door step of their residence exists.

With this amendment, the Goa Legislature Secretariat has made an attempt to ease of obtaining Shops & Establishment Registration, Amendment and Renewal. Also, taken the step to protect women employee’s dignity and honour who work in the night shift.

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Satish Kumar Nagaraju